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IMG_20160224_102437Alessandra Grima

Comedian | Actress | +Model

Alessandra Grima (@Griminator) is a comedian and plus model from New England.  When you mix a strong sense of humor with brave, body positive photo shoots, you get the Instagram sensation that she is.  Alessandra has walked runways for L.A. Style Fashion Week, Boston Fashion Week, Boston Curvy Fashion Week, and more, all at the ripe height of 5’3”! She has also been featured in Bustle Magazine, and on VH1.  Join her Instagram uprising with her tag, #BigArmNoHarm!


123_1Daneeka Rochelle

Singer-songwriter/rapper Dameka Rochelle lives to adapt and transform her voice and music into something that you’ve never really heard before. She successfully straddles a handful of genres, including pop, R&B and hip-hop, without ever sounding as though she’s struggling to incorporate these occasionally disparate sounds. There’s no doubt where her influences and inspirations come from, but it’s the way she subverts our expectations by inverting these well-known sounds that really gives her music the ability to outlive the work of her peers. By working to constantly redefine herself and her music, Rochelle reworks the image we all have of her as a confident and self-reliant artist.

For the video to “CurV,” she paired with AK Films’ Keith Ward and Colby Clark to create a video that celebrates women without reducing them to cultural or physical stereotypes. The song’s title stands for “celebrate unseen real value” and calls for women to accept themselves as they are without bowing to any pressure or expectations that may be forced upon them by a society obsessed with image. The song, produced by BluClown, is a sauntering shuffle of R&B rhythms and finely honed melodies. Her voice is strong and clear, a light for those lost in the shadows and needing someone to help them get through dark times. It’s a meticulous and vibrant message that is buoyed by a song that harnesses her inherent strength to impart a vision of independence and determination to all who hear it.

Full video of “curV” can be seen here on YouTube


Chicago Holman

Chicago decided to take the plunge and become and Pure Romance consultant two years ago to make extra money.  Little did she know she that not only would she make extra money but she would fall in love with the company and it’s mission to Educate, Empower, Entertain; make TONS of new friends and be blessed to participate in empowering events like Boston Curvy Fashion week!! 





Alexis ShenelleScreen Shot 2016-07-14 at 11.53.38 AM

Alexis Shenelle was born through the requests and support from friends and strangers. A Boston/ New York health, beauty and fashion blogger, Alexis Shenelle also contributes to GoingCarmando and a weekly newsletter (600+ subscribers) produced by the LA based event production company, United We Function.  In her downtime she enjoys sipping on Rose and watching reruns of The Golden Girls.